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"Countless people are credentialed, yet few have the results. Tons of people talk about having a “WHY” — yet few are actually inspired. Hardly anyone shows up to give anymore; there is always a catch, always an agenda, always an ask. 


I view my purpose in life as being a servant to anyone I can be of help to; and I believe I can help anyone who wants to improve their health, is seek wellbeing, or wants to optimize their life. 


I’m impassioned because I lost my father to preventible disease. That’s why I do what I do, and that is why my program (in production), the Optimal Plate, and all of my inspirational content are completely free. They are my gifts to the world. 


There is no catch. There is no agenda, other than altruism. But if I was to ask a question, it would be this: Will you give me a chance?”


Hi, I'm Guy Waltman. Life Coach. Wellness specialist. Published author. Motivational speaker. Friend.

Clien Reviews

Client Reviews

Guy has helped me save my life and establish the tools that I need to be successful. No matter what life throws at me his commitment to do what he does is matched by no one. I would certainly recommend his coaching, friendship, and knowledge to anyone who is looking to get their mind, body, and soul in order.


Lost 410 lbs.

Its hard to describe just how impactful Guy Waltman has been - for so many people - because theres so much you could say. However, if I had to say something it would be: “Guy Waltman doesn’t change lives, he saves them.”


I met Guy Waltman as a trainer and throughout time he has become an older brother. I would need to write a novel if I wanted to speak to everything guy has taught me throughout the eight years I’ve known him. he has been there to guide me through the roughest years of my life and if I ever need him he’s just a phone call away, waiting on the other line with the wisdom of a man who’s lived 100 lives. 


"Guy Waltman found me at my lowest point a little over two years ago.


I was working a job that I hated, hit the highest weight of my life, suffered from consistent anxiety attacks, chronic severe full body eczema, I felt lost, irritable… the whole shebang. 


After learning a bit about my story, the first thing Guy did was make me feel heard, understood, and gave me the hope that my problems had real tangible solutions to them. After a lifetime of being told I couldn’t be fixed, Guy showed me that I could truly live an optimal life. 


When we began training together, Guy put an equal emphasis on both mental and physical health. Half way through our training, I remember a very specific moment. I asked him about my struggles to express emotions, and how it had put strain on my personal relationships. After listening to everything I had to say, Guy looked me in the eye and said, “Tyler. You’re not broken. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken.” He saw how much that meant to me. I still repeat those words to myself today. 

Guy was there for me through the rise and fall of a relationship, the struggles of starting two businesses, family issues, graduating college, developing fitness and nutritional habits, and so much more.


Through the years. Guy has become truly one of my best friends in the world, and he has my absolute full trust as a brother to always have my best interest at heart no matter what. 


Today, I live the most fulfilled life that I’ve ever had. I wake up every day with a purpose and the strength to make it through anything and everything that comes my way. 


If you’re looking to improve your life in any way and maybe you’re on the fence about having a life coach, please let this be where you make the decision.


There is no one more qualified, passionate, dedicated and loving than Guy Waltman. I can’t promise that Guy is the perfect fit for every person out there, because nobody is. However, I know that he is for me, and dozens of others that I’ve grown to know, and he could very well change your life in the ways you’ve been looking for all along."


Changing lives.

"I would have never imagined that someone would be able, and willing, to help me completely turn my life around not once, but twice. 


This extraordinary person is Guy Waltman.  I came to him at my lowest, 330 lbs., walking with a cane, I had given up hope. Just when I thought,  there were no answers, and I was destined to live that life, Guy came into my life.  In a matter of months, I had shed the cane and 115 lbs.-Guy had shown me the key ingredient to my mental and physical well-being; priorities.  As long as I remained at the top of my list, my journey would continue along a positive path.  


Several years later, I found that I had fallen off that priority list again.  And guess who was there? Guy Waltman. Months had passed, but he was there, to accept the phone call. 


Guy epitomizes what it means to live with your priorities “in line”.


When you enter Guy’s life you become one of those priorities.  He will literally move mountains to help you see all of your potential, and to see your goals through (even multiple times).  I simply cannot say enough about Guy as a trainer, as a life coach, and as a friend.  


Guy believed in me (perhaps more than I did), not once, but twice, and that is the mark of one extraordinarily compassionate, talented, knowledgeable and dynamic professional."


Guy has a unique ability to kick-start progress and plant the seeds of hope in anyone...


....from those, who hit the rock bottom in the very literal sense, to those, who appear polished and prosperous, while auto-piloting through life, lost and hardy awake. Guy’s gift of seeing the soul makes his clients feel valued, important, and worthy.


He empowers others to believe that there’s always a way and the impossible things are totally achievable through one’s purely human superpowers.


I am incredibly thankful to Guy’s impact on my life, for the transformative experiences and help with regaining clarity, discovering path to living fully, practicing mindfulness, and owning my light. 


I have been overweight most of my life.


It is something I had just always struggled with. At the age of 34, i was 530 pounds and headed to an early end if kept going this direction. When I met Guy Waltman, I could barely make it up the one flight of stairs to our first meeting without losing my breath. I was heading for a heart attack for sure.


Guy did not look at me as broken or less than as many other people had done when they first met me.


He truly wanted to know me and help me. I agreed to follow his program and at first I felt undeserving of any help. We are all our own worst critics.


Working with Guy gave me hope; hope for my future and hope for a better life. Guy showed me I was deserving of real and lasting change. I had to show up with 110%  because Guy brought nothing less with him to every training session. He gave me the tools needed to succeed and 18 months later I had a 330 pound weight loss.


I gained a bright and healthy future thanks to Guy and his program and I have never looked back.


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