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This is the purpose to my life. In addition to helping you manufacture and carry out your own, the privilege of working with you will allow me to live within mine. 

I want to diminish human suffering. Why? Because I know pain. 

I want to facilitate human flourishing. Why? Because I've learned to thrive.

Most importantly, you can do the same.


I'll show you how.


Hi, I'm Guy Waltman. Life Coach. Transformational Specialist. Published Author. Teammate. Friend.

Clien Reviews

Client Reviews

"Guy helped save my life. His commitment to me was unmatched and I would certainly recommend his coaching and friendship to anyone looking to prioritize their mind, body, and soul."

Lost a total of 410 lbs. 

Beginning at 640 lbs. 

Scott Havens

"Guy Waltman doesn't change lives, he saves lives; like he did my friend's." 

Joe Calderone

"My parents hired Guy as a coach, but he quickly became an older brother. I would need a novel to speak to everything Guy has taught me throughout the eight years I've known him. He guided me through the toughest years of my life... always a phone call away, on the other end of the phone, with the wisdom of a man who's lived 100 years." 

Josh Pigliavento


"Guy Waltman found me at my lowest point. I hated my job, and my job hated me. I was fat, suffered from consistent anxiety attacks, suffered from full-body eczema, felt lost, and was out of hope. Suicide was a thought that dwelled. I didn't have much fight left in me. 

Immediately, Guy made me feel understood; not just heard, understood. In a whirlwind I believed... actually believed... that my problems had real tangible solutions to them. After a lifetime of being told by doctors that certain things couldn't be fixed, Guy fed a small piece of me that always believed that couldn't be true. 

What Guy's services did for me was......... life changing..... 

I've started two businesses. I lost 40 lbs. and find myself in the best shape I've been in since high school. I no longer identify, nor struggle, with anxiety. 95% of my eczema has vanished. I'm living the most fulfilled life I've ever had. 

Through the years, Guy has truly become one of my best friends in the world, and he has my absolute full trust as my brother. 

If you're on the fence about having a life coach, please let this be where you make your decision. I was broke when I hired him, and it is the best financial decision I have ever made in my life. There is no one as qualified, passionate, and loving as Guy Waltman."

-Tyler Barhydt

Changing lives.

"Guy saved my life; not once, but twice. 

Guy came into my life at rock bottom. 330 lbs., abusing my antidepressants and painkillers, out of hope, and living off sugar and caffeine, I made sure my living-will was in order. I called Guy, begging for his help. I told him I'd do anything. 

He said, "Anything?" 

I pleaded. 

That's when he said, "Prove it. I'll text you my address. See you in 60 minutes. If you show up, I'll consider working with you." 

It was 7pm on a Sunday... 

He opened his office late, and I showed up. 9 months later, I had lost 115 lbs. I no longer need my pain meds or antidepressants. I got my job back. I've gotten two promotions since.

Years later, my life - once again - hung in the balance. He prioritized me, fought for me, and found the solution. I simply cannot say enough about Guy as a person, as a professional, and as a friend. 

Guy is an extraordinarily compassionate, talented, generous, and dynamic professional whose services cannot be found anywhere else." 

-Maureen Daurio

"Guy has a unique ability to kickstart progress and plant the seeds of hope in anyone... 

I was the person who appeared polished and prosperous, but was stuck on auto-pilot.

Guy's gift of seeing the soul makes his clients feel valued, wholesome, and worthy. 

I am incredibly thankful for the impact Guy had on my life... helping me regain clarity, practice mindfulness, and discover a path towards owning my light. Now, I have both hands on the wheel.


No more auto-pilot! Now, I own the road." 


"In 18 months of working with Guy, I lost 330 lbs. and have never looked back.

I was always the biggest. Always picked last. At the age of 34, I was 530 lbs. 

Guy did not look at me as broken or less than. He truly wanted to know me and help me. I felt undeserving of so much passion. I barely made it up the flight of stairs to his apartment. 

Working with Guy wasn't easy, but it was fun! Working with Guy is an investment, but it's also a must.

This is so cool to write: I have an awesome life now!"




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