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WHAT IS IG_AGILITY? An exclusive, workout program hosted on Instagram and designed to improve youth athlete's quickness, lateral movement, and jumping ability from the convenience of their own homes. Watch live at 6pm, or catch the workout for up to 24 hours later in our Instagram stories. To gain access to our private @ig_agility account, you must register online and then "Follow" us on Instagram. Once we have confirmation of your registration, we will add you to the private account and you'll have full access to the daily workout videos.



Because just being athletic isn't enough.


Neither is just being a good athlete. Being a good athlete vs. being athletic are two very different things. In fact, many good athletes aren’t very athletic at all. Many athletes excel on sport-specific skills alone. The great ones, though, have a combination of both skill and athleticism. That's what this program teaches.



 There are (4) primary pillars of athleticism:


Speed, agility, strength, and explosiveness.

This (30) day clinic focuses on (1) of those pillars: agility. Fast-twitch performance drills, agility ladder, and core work are the focuses of the program, with the ultimate goal of establishing a strong foundation for athletes to build upon with continued training) 


Bring your A-Game.


Coach Guy will bring the enthusiasm every night. Challenges will be built into the program to encourage competition, and markers will be established at the beginning in order to make progress visible. Read more about Coach Guy below.




30 Days

30 Workouts





at 6pm 

All You Need:

Focus & An

Agility Ladder*


Paid Access




Available for

24 Hours

*Don't own an agility ladder? Just use chalk to draw a ladder on concrete or blacktop, or you can place tape on the floor.

WHO IS COACH GUY? Coach Guy took on a regular routine of athletic training in 6th grade. This propelled him to Syracuse University where he played NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse. Guy has since gone on to become a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, youth fitness specialist, and weight-loss specialist having recorded over 3000 lbs. of weight-loss for his clients. He was a trainer and motivational speaker for the NFL’s Play 60 program, has trained several professional and Olympic athletes, and was a color commentator for Spectrum Sports with (2) appearances on ESPN 3. Read more about Guy here.

WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO KNOW? During registration, you'll need to check a box legally binding to you to the terms of our Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement. To read or print that agreement now, click below. 

FINE PRINT: Videos will stream live on the IG_Agility Instagram account at 6pm EST. This is a private channel. You must request to follow the IG_Agility account on Instagram after purchasing the program. Guy Waltman nor the company will track down each participant. You will promptly be allowed to follow the account, but only if you have completed the purchase through the website. Each workout will remain on the IG_Agility “story” for 24 hours, until the next night at 6pm EST. Therefore, you do not need to attend live at 6pm EST to participate in the program. If there is a poor connection and the live stream is unable to occur, the workout will be posted to the IG_Agility “story” as promptly as possible. For questions and extra help, direct message the IG_Agility account on Instagram. Additionally, Guy will post videos to the IG_Agility “story” addressing people’s questions, and adding extra tips along the way.

You better hurry.